Barb Schwarz

Hello. Welcome to the pages of Benson Seventh Grade U.S. History, 8th Grade Geography, Introduction to Sociology,  electives Responding to Emergencies and  Pop Culture which rotate every other year.

The Social Studies Department consists of Mrs. Schwarz, Mr. Ricard and Mr. Reardon. Courses that are taught are as follows:

7th grade Social (1800s-early 1900s)                                                            (Ms. Schwarz)
7th grade Social Issues (Character Education)                                            (Mr. Ricard)
8th grade Geography                                                                                    (Ms. Schwarz)
9th grade Civics                                                                                             (Mr. Reardon)
10th grade U.S. History (early 1900s-present)                                            (Mr. Ricard)
11th grade World History                                                                              (Mr. Reardon)
12th grade Economics (for college credit or non-college credit)                (Mr. Ricard)
Responding to Emergencies (Formerly Community Leadership)             (Ms. Schwarz)
Pop Culture (Mrs. Schwarz)
Holocaust                                                                                                       (Mr. Ricard)
Sociology (for college credit)                                                                       (Ms. Schwarz)
Psychology (for college credit)                                                                    (Mr. Ricard)
Abnormal Psychology (for college credit)                                                    (Mr. Ricard)

Seventh Grade U.S. History

8th Grade World Geography

Introduction to Sociology

Responding to Emergencies

Pop Culture



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