Below are descriptions of the classes I teach along with the syllabus for each class:

Exploring Computers 9-offered 1st semester-.5 credits

This course will cover spreadsheets and charting using Microsoft Excel, presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint and Prezi, desktop publishing using  Microsoft Publisher, word processing using Microsoft Word, and we will also continue to improve keyboarding skills with Southwestern Keychamp and MicroType Multimedia.

Exploring Computers 9 Syllabus

Business Tech 7-offered 1st semester-.5 credits

We will continue to work on our keyboarding skills by practicing proper technique and proper finger placement on the keyboard. We will take weekly timed writings where we will focus on our speed and accuracy. We will do some assignments and projects with the Word and Publisher programs and we will also cover the important topic of online safety and netiquette. Your ability to read and follow directions is very important in this class.

Business Tech 7 Syllabus

Record Keeping-1st and 2nd semester-year long class-1.0 credit

This course will take us though the basic record keeping skills for a business and the day to day activities that take place in a record keeping office.  We will also be utilizing the Automated Accounting software to complete some assignments. Some of the topics covered in the class are:

  • Basic record keeping skills
  • Budgeting
  • Credit records
  • Checking account records
  • Cash receipts records
  • Petty cash records
  • Record keeping for sales clerks, charge sales, record clerks, order clerks, accounts payable clerks, small businesses, and payroll clerks.
  • Financial statements

Record Keeping Syllabus

Sports and Entertainment Marketing-offered 2nd semester-.5 credits

This course would focus on marketing in general and then students will learn about the different aspects of sports and entertainment marketing.  Students will gain an understanding about what marketing is, examine the marketing mix, conduct consumer research and take a look at the different types of careers in these areas of marketing.
Sports and Entertainment Marketing Syllabus (coming soon)

Web Design and Graphics-offered 2nd semester-.5 credits

We will be learning how to create web pages in a couple different ways and we will also be using different programs to create graphics. You will need to have good computer skills and a good work ethic in this class. You will also have to work independently and be able to read and follow directions, as it is an individualized class. Some of the topics we will be covering in this class are:

  • Creating web pages using HTML, XHTML, CSS coding

  • Email and Netiquette

  • Creating Graphics

  • Creating personal web pages
    Web Design Syllabus

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