Good Progress Continues at Northside & BHS 
Below is a construction update.  Despite the unseasonable cold weather, good progress continues on the construction projects at both buildings.

·       Crews have completed digging utility lines north of BHS.  The schools buses will return to loading and unloading north of BHS today (Friday).

·       The sanitary line running out of the front entrance at BHS has been dug and connected to the city line.  The sanitary line from the receiving room is scheduled to be dug in next week.  Part of the concrete floor in the receiving room will be removed to make the connection.  There is also a collapsed pipe in the receiving room that needs to be replaced at the same time. The good news is that the line can run under the hallway floor. 

·       Footings, footing walls and backfilling has been completed on the north BHS classrooms and collaborative space.  Plumbing crews have mostly completed plumbing work for those spaces.

·       Concrete crews are pouring footings for the performing arts entrance and along the BHS cafeteria today (Friday). Next week they will pour the footing walls for that smaller area.

·       At some point next week BHS door #1 will be reopened and door #2 will be closed. We are making every effort to minimize the amount of jumping back and forth between entrance doors.  

·       Starting later next week digging will begin at BHS door #2 for the secure entrance and footings will be poured.

·       Once the secure entrance area is poured, crews will move back to complete the footings for the performing arts center.  

·       Once all of that work is done, the BHS areas will be a little more quiet for about 2-3 weeks until the steel arrives. 

·       The performing art center walls will all be precast and those walls should arrive later in January. 

·       At NS the main utility lines have been dug in.  There is some tile to dig in the front of NS as well as some drain work around the preschool playground.  The early freezing temperatures are not helping as crews try to dig through frost. That is why there are frost blankets being placed over concrete and dirt piles. 

·       NS preschool space is taking shape.  Steel is being constructed. Most of the steel should be up in the next 2 weeks, but crews will be installing roof decking and other details which takes a little longer. 

·       Next week carpenters will be on site to start building walls in the preschool space. 

·       Masonry walls are going up in the cafeteria space at NS. The main wall has been completed and crews have moved to building the west wall.  There are many utilities that run through the main wall so that wall took more time to construct.

·       Steel contractors will be moving to the NS cafeteria in the next 2 weeks to put up the roof structure. 

·       Looking forward:

o   Both spaces at NS are scheduled to be enclosed by the end of December. 

o   Crews plan to install the required support beam in the NS kitchen wall over the holiday break.  The kitchen will still be usable. This way crews can continue to make the connection to the old building.

o   The kitchen at NS will be closed starting March 2nd.  All of the demo work and new construction in the NS kitchen will not get completed in time for the next school year if it is not closed early to allow for more construction time. There have been meetings with Food Service and plans are being made on preparing and serving meals during this transition.   

·       The Design Team has been meeting to pick out colors that are coordinated throughout the District.  In addition to wall colors, window tints, window and door frame colors, exterior metal, etc. are being selected. The Design Team traveled to the Wells Concrete plant in Albany to look at precast wall textures and colors for the performing arts center. The Design Team is also reaching out to users to get details for certain areas.  Thank you to the Design Team for the many hours they are dedicating to this process

·       Furniture:  Work is also being done on  furniture. This is mostly for furniture in the entrances to buildings, cafeteria tables at NS, seating outside of the performing arts center, and collaborative space.  Work is being done with two separate companies to get different ideas for furniture and competitive prices.

·       I want to thank the bus drivers, van drivers, staff, students, and parents for their flexibility as drop off and pick locations at both buildings have changed! Great job.    


Thank you to everyone for your patience during this process. It is exciting to see spaces taking shape.  Construction is on schedule.  Please contact me should you have any questions. 



Dennis Laumeyer
Benson Public Schools

NS Construction - Kitchen area

NS Construction - Preschool area
Posted by lori.eix On 08 November, 2019 at 1:53 PM  

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