Construction Updates - November 2019 


Below is a construction update so everyone is up to date on what is happening. Attached are some pictures of construction progress. 

·       NS

o   Preschool Space – steel is erected.  Crews are putting on roof decking and walls are being built.  Steel crew is expected to be completed this week and then move to the cafeteria.  Roofing company will be starting to construct curbs and blocking and then get started with roof material. 

o   Cafeteria/Kitchen – Masonry crew is making progress on block walls. Once completed with the block walls they plan to start on brick work. Steel construction for the roof is scheduled to begin next week. 

o   Overall – the plan is to have both the preschool space and cafeteria space enclosed before Christmas. Once enclosed and detail work completed, the floors will be poured. Construction crews plan to set the connecting steel beam between the kitchen and new space over holiday break. Plumbing lines have been run from the boiler room to the new space across the roof.  Plumbing work in the boiler room is progressing. Plumbers are working on preparing the system to run both steam and hot water. The NS kitchen is scheduled to be closed beginning March 2nd. Plans are being made to make this a seamless transition.  A crew will be doing some abatement work over Thanksgiving.  Fortunately most all of the underground utility lines were able to be dug in before frost came so early. Discovery Kids is working on getting things lined up to move playground equipment and fencing to the NS location.

·       BHS

o   North classrooms/collab space - All site preparation, utility work  has been completed.  Footings and foundation walls have been poured and back filled. As shown in the picture with enclosed plastic, masonry walls are being built.  Next is getting the steel on site to begin setting steel. 

o   Secure Entrance:  Footings and foundation walls have been poured and back filled. The next step is setting steel for the entrance.  Construction crews are planning to begin demo work and construction in the ITV room in the next 3-4 weeks.  This work needs to be done so hopefully community ed can move into that space over the summer, instead of having to move to a temporary location over the summer and then move again. (The current community education space will be remodeled this summer to be one larger space for a teacher work room).  

o   Performing Arts Center:  Crews are working on pouring footings.  Next week a sanitary line will be dug in connecting to the receiving room.  Once footings are poured, the next step will be setting the pre-cast walls, toward the end of January.  There is other detail work that will be completed before pre-cast are set. 

o   Overall:  The plan is to have the north area enclosed in January. Work will continue on the secure entrance.  The receiving room will be dug up for the sanitary line next week.

·       It is wonderful to see progress on these projects and to watch the spaces really take shape. The NS entrances should be consistent now for a long time.  Thank you to everyone for the patience and understanding as utility work was being completed and entrances were changed!  While it is not easy, especially with our younger students, your patience was amazing.  The Design Team spent over 13 hours last week going through the different spaces and all of the design details, and hours during other meetings. They are doing a great job pulling the overall project together in terms of design. Also attached are some of the most current renderings of the different spaces.

Please contact me with any questions. 



Construction NS 11-21-19 01

Construction NS 11-21-19 02

Construction HS 11-21-19 01

Construction Renderings 11-21-19
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