Jody Kessler-Gross

 I am the Occupational Therapist for Benson Public Schools. I service children birth-21 for the Benson school district. for the district. I have been at the Benson school system for 3 years. Prior to coming to Benson I had worked for a Special Ed. Coop, I have also worked in medical and mental health setting for Occupational Therapy. I completed my Occupational Therapy Degree at The College of St. Catherine in 1996.

School-based occupational therapy is designed to enhance the student's ability to fully access and be successful in the learning environment. This might include
working on handwriting or fine motor skills so the child can complete written
assignments, helping the child organize himself or herself in the environment (including work space in and around
the desk), working with the teacher to modify the classroom and/or adapt
learning materials to facilitate successful participation.
Sensory integration is one frame of reference or perspective which might be used in the Occupational Therapy
intervention process. A school Occupational Therapist might work on sensory adaptation, sensory diets, etc. to address the child’s classroom
performance. In the schools, the focus of Occupational Therapy is on the child's ability to function in the
educational environment.

Occupational Therapy is a related service when the educational team determines that it is necessary for the stuent to benefit from their special educational program.

On a personal note I am married and have 5 children ranging from 14-2 years old. Two children attend Northside Elementary and one is at the Jr High building. Between my husband and I we are busy getting the kids to a variety of athletic and extracurricular activities.

You can reach me at [email protected] or call me at 842-2717 at Northside or 843-2710 at Benson High School. Presenlty I am working three days a week for the Benson school system.

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